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Full Version: Problem With Kbuildsycoa On Suse 8.1
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Hi All,

On my (newbie) installed Suse 8.1 now get an error:

"Application KbuildSycoa (kbuildsycoa) crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGABRT)"

If I do a back trace I do get some infor but cannot save this as I am not allowed to enter a file name for the file to save, niether can I copy the data (It's certainly not preserved anywhere I can find once I manage to get to the desktop.)

If I cancle the error screen I can get logged in and onto the desktop but have no network access.

If I log in as root I do not have this problem, so its a user dependent one.

Two questions:

1) How do I fix it? !

2) How did I break it / how do I stop it happening again?

Thanks in hope / anticipation.

This KDE bug report seems to describe the problem I have (or something close).

Can someone point me in the right direction for what this means I need to do to fix the problem - there is a bit too much debug info there for me to spot the steps!
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