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Full Version: Linux N00b
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Hi there.

My names Matt and I am a complete Linux n00b.

I know my way around windows systems pretty much backwards, but I am having a little trouble getting my head round some stuff.

I am however, keen to learn off my own back, but I need to get my internet working on my Linux Drive so I can learn this stuff. Otherwise I have to reboot back to windows everytime. And that takes ages.

Anyway, I downloaded the Redhat 9 i386 ISOs, and installed the full complete everything package. I can log in, move around, and am picking things up slowly. However, I can't install my ADSL PCI Modem.

Its a conexant chipset OEM, and I have downloaded some generic drivers for it. But When I go into my network information and try too add it, I get stuck.

Do I add it as a xDSL device or Modem?
Which "Port" should it go on?
I think I need to run an rpm line to install the driver file, but where do i put the driver file before installing it?

Is there any other info you can offer me?

Thanks in advance,
It would get added as an xDSL device ... not a modem.

Can you point me at the device on the web (at the manufacturer's website), so I know exactly which ADSL modem it is?

And point me to the site you downloaded the drivers from....
Well, I got it as part of a DSL bundle I signed up for. its a non specific device using a Conexant Chipset. is where I have gotten the driver from. Although the device itself isn;t listed there, I downloaded the HSF for controllerless modems. Which is essentially what the chipset is.

I have since found that I can apparently run the rpm file from within gnome? Does that work?
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