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Full Version: Newbie Needs Guidance
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I came across a copy of Redhat Linux 7.1 and thought that I would give it a try. I installed it on a clean HD. The computer is an old Pakard Bell, Cyrix MII 300mhz with 64MB. The first drive has win 98 on it and Linux is on the 2nd HD.
Here's the problem. Once the installation was complete, it asked me to create a boot disk, so I did. I vaguely remember reading something about giving up speed. Once the machine rebooted, I changed the seetings so that the computer would now boot from the "new" hardrive (Drive D not C). A message came up and informed me that it could not find the file. I the restarted the computer and booted into the A drive. The computer displayed information about typing "I" and getting into the interactive page. Afterwards, I typed a "y" and clicked Enter several times. This toook about 5 minutes. I then got to a blue screen where the cursor seemed to be jumping. After another 5 minutes, the Redhat symbol came up. It took at least 15 minutes for the login page to come up. Once I typed the information in, it took 30 minutes to get to the actual desktop (KDE).
I started to play with it but it was really slow. The cursor was very jumpy and would move very slowly. There is a lag in time when I move the mouse over an icon and the cursor actually moving. It would take a while for software to open. The help feature to a litte under 5 minutes. Most others would take about a minute or two. Even closing the dock took about 10 seconds.

What can I do? What did I do wrong and can it be fixed? Please help.


First thing is ... don't swap the drives around .... linux expects that it is installed on the 2nd drive and it is now on the first drive. Try changing the drives back the way they were and boot from the floppy....
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