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Full Version: Free Linux Games?
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I was curious if there were any sites like gamehippo out there for linux games (Freeware, no shareware/demos).

Er, thanks!
Hi well if you like Pixel Adventures smile.gif ahhh I could kill for these games [WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY doing point and click adventure in 3D now...]

you can try SCUMM VM , you get Flight of Amazon queen [full cd 50MB] with it, and Beneath Steal Sky [60MB] full

just type in SCUMM VM

Robert B
Check for stuff.

Enemey territory is free afaik, as well as americas army.
*nods* I've played ET a bit, not a fan. Too much like Call of Duty in the bad ways, and not enough like Call of Duty in the good ways. wink.gif

Any free linux MMORPGs or RTS games? biggrin.gif
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