I've found this firelogd , a iptalbes log daemon on the net , but I can't get it working it stops for an eterinty at STARTING FIRELOGD :

I've downloaded it from here : http://rouxdoo.freeshell.org/dmn/

Maybe I missunderstood some config options... I did make /var/log/|kernelpipe with mkfifo /var/log/kernelpipe
and modified the /etc/syslog.conf ... added the line kern.pip |/var/log/kernelpipe

but won't work...

and one more thing, do you know of a log monitor that works in console, and sort IP adresses that are looged?

for example ip adress [only EXAMPLE!!!!!] list only the following ip adress , or show how many attempts came from here, or somehow sort portscans from the rest...can someone please tell me of such a software?

Robert B