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Full Version: X Freezes When Starting Mozilla
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i recently installed gentoo and i love it... i have a problem tho...i'm currently using fluxbox, and when i open a mozilla browser, after a few seconds, my whole system freezes..the mouse pointer and everything else...i can't even swith to a different terminal... i had the same problem before with windows, but i fixed it by turning off the AGP 4X...i think i remember seeing the 4X setting in some config file in my linux box, but i forgot where i saw it...does anyone know how to disable the AGP4x in my system? i turned it off in the bios and nothing happened...i think X is still loading it tho, that's why my computer freezes...thanks to anyone in advance that can help me...
my specs are:
Asus P3V-4X
PIII 550mhz
40g seagate barracuda
SB Live! (which is currently not working)
GeForce 2MX card

possible hardware , bad memory, system overheating...

try to run memtest86 with all options turned on.


but you can try to download Netscape , just to see if the problem remains, only Mozilla freezes, or some other applications to, after some time ?


Try using a blank page when mozilla starts up , sorry but I don't know how to do it , I mean where to find the conf file for this, but I'm searching for it, and will edit this post, once found.

Robert B
ey Robert83..thanks for the reply! biggrin.gif as of now, i running on kde 3.1...and everything is working fine...i'm using the konqueror web browser and everything seems to be working well...
earlier, i installed opera and netscape and had the same problems with the 2 browsers running on fluxbox,gnome,and i think i'll just stick to KDE..hehe...thanks for your reply tho!=)
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