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Full Version: Mandrake 10 Installation Problems
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Hey there, I am a newbie to Linux.

I was installing the new Mandrake 10 on a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 120Gb, and I have some problems. I am able to boot in to the installation, set up my partitions and get them formatted, and start the installation procedure. Halfway through the installation, the system just locks up. Nothing happens. You can't move the mouse or do anything on the keyboard. You can hear the CD drive slowly spool down, and then that just stops. I have to reset the computer and open the CD drive to get the disc out. I have tried installing this also on a Western Digital 40Gb drive on the same system. I was able to install it on there once, but had some problems with a dual boot setup, so I had to reformat and try again. On the second try, it wouldn't work. It did the same thing it did on the Maxtor drive.

I don't think my discs are bad since the installation was successful once. I even tried on a different CD drive. My system specs should be fine considering everything worked good that one time. I really am stumped out this one.

I even did a full low-level format to the drive, writing zeros to all sectors. I scanned for errors as well, and the tests came out fine.

My system specs are:

MSI M/B nForce2, AMD 2500+, 1Gb Corsair DDR400, Gainward GF4 Ti-4800. These all should be compatible.

Any help is greately appreciated.

When did you're computer stop responding, during the initial installation setup, or after the installation begins, when the system start copying files from the cd to you're hd ...

[try putting the HD on a seperate cable alone, as primary master, and the cd as SECONDARY master]

Robert B
I figured it out. It turns out there is a power management feature used during the install that will disrupt the system.

When you install it, hit F1 during the option screen and type in 'linux noapic nolapic'. It will turn that feature off.
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