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Full Version: Installs Fine, But Lilo Bombs Out
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I've decided to give Linux another go, but I've hit the same problem with two different distributions, Lindows 4.5 developer edition and Mandrake 10. In both cases, it seems to install just fine, but on the initial reboot, LILO starts, but only shows "LI" on the screen, followed by a series of two digit numbers repeated to fill the screen. Both distributions exibited the same behavior, though the two digit numbers were different. In both cases, I had to do a FIXMBR to get XP back, or the Mrs. would have killed me. I had RedHat 9 working fine, but I recently reconfigured my hard drive arrangement, prompting me to try a new distro. that is where I suspect the problem lies, but I'm not sure where to proceed. Here's some hardware details:
mobo: Gigabyte GA7ZXE (Via KT133a chipset)
primary IDE channel: 80GB WD special edition NTFS master, 30GB Maxtor NTFS slave
secondary IDE channel: LiteOn 52x32x52x CDRW master, 10GB Western Digital slave

I'm trying to install to the 10GB Western Digital (slave, secondary controller). The reason why I have this drive as a slave is that some of my Windows CD burning apps (notably iTunes) seems to prefer having the CDRW drive as a master. To further complicate things, I don't have a floppy drive.

So, is there a way around my current problem, or will I wind up having to shuffle around my hard drive configuration? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


try using GRUB as the bootloader if possible...

Robert B
I agree with robert ... especially when lots multiple discs are involved. I like GRUB much better...
If Grub isn't an option, you could always try installing lilo to a floppy disk

(I had some problems installing lilo to my MBR, so I did this once). Just "Liloconfig" and choose "floppy" when it asks you where to install lilo.
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