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Full Version: Chmod Help!
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I have a users directory, with permissions set to 700 (recursivly) so only they can see/edit/execute stuff.

Now I want ONE OTHER USER to be able to have a permission of 7 as well (without these people being in the same group).

Any ideas?
Put that one person in a group by himself .... in my example, I'll use the group xxxx
(or add it to the groups he is already a member of)

fist we make the group xxxx

groupadd xxxx

so user fred is the guy I want to have access to all the directories and files ... fred is already a memeber of fred,users,audio and I want to make him also a member of xxxx ... the command would be:

usermod -G fred,users,audio,xxxx fred

now fred is a member of the xxxx group.
Now we want to change the owner of the directories:

go to the directory that contains all the other directories ... ie if it were home and you wanted all the user directories effected ... go to /home

then issue the command:

chown -R :xxxx *

(that would make the group for each directory xxxx ... the user would stay what it is):

now do this:

chmod -R 770 *

(that makes it so the user and members of the group xxxx have 7 permissions .. all others have 0) ... since each user only has a 7 in his directory .... and xxxx users have all directories, that works ....
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