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Full Version: Hello, Very Excited About Linux
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Hi everyone, First let me say that I've been hearing a lot about linux lately from my friends and other people i've talked to about it. I'm not a computer expert or a programmer of sorts, but I do consider myself above average when it comes to comp. knowledge. I built my own computer and i'm good at navigating software as an "end user"

Also I want to give you little background what I use my computer for. I'm an art student, so I use programs like photoshop, and am starting to work my way into video and music/sound editing. I don't have lot's of problems with my OS, (WinXP Prof) because I keep everything maintained as best I can, but of course, it is still glitchy the way Windows always can be.

So basically, my question is as an art student will linux be able to handle the same kind of demands I put on my current OS, oh ya and I'm a gamer too. And if Linux is better for what I'm doing, if you could explain in a nutshell, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here is my final question and the one I am most curious about. With Linux being open source, and apparently easy to use (depending on the type you get - Mandrake of Redhat i've heard) is Microsoft scared? I mean, it's FREE for peed sakes. Why isn't everyone switching to Linux? Do you think Linux might eventually take over Microsoft?

Very much looking forward to a reply, thanks very much!
First thing is .... Linux is different than Windows. Since you already know how to use windows, linux will seem harder to use.

Installing drivers (if they are not detected) in Linux is much harder than in Windows. Most hardware companies do not have Linux support.

Microsoft is extremely concerned about Linux .... they are drastically dropping the prices of all their software in Asia to prevent a mass exodus from Windows products.

If you read through some of the tech support forum issues, you can see that Linux is not as user friendly as Windows. I always have a terminal window open on my desktop on my workstation. Linux pretty much requires that you learn the Command Line Interface to get any unusual thing done.

There is a program called Gimp that is good for drawing.

I just posted concerning video editing here.

Audacity is a very good audio editor.

But, I would have to say that Windows XP Pro is better for editing multimedia ... and better for games. That is all that I use my Windows XP machine for now.
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