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I want install SUSE linux 8.2 and win2000 into my VAIO notebook. The harddrive is 30GB. I used Mac and all windows versions, but Linux is a wild horse to me. I hope if someone's teaching me how to make two operation systems together, start by the installation. If I can make this step, the rest is my job I suppose. Thanks.

First of all you should have two partitions , something like this

30GB for you're Windows 2000 Professional,
10GB for you're Linux

If you would like to see Windows partition[s] from Linux please make sure you format you're Windows partition[s] with FAT32 and NOT NTFS.

So the basic steps.

1.Partition 30GB+10GB
2.Install Windows2000 Professional on 30GB partition with FAT32 or NTFS[in this case you won't be able to see the NTFS partitions, unless you update you're kernel to 2.6.x in wich case you'll be able to see NTFS partitions but WON'T be able to write data to them [since it corrupts it if I'm correct].

3.Once Win2kPro is installed, make sure that in BIOS that you're CD-ROM is the first boot thingie smile.gif, and insert the First cd of you're Linux distro, and install it on the 10GB partition, use GRUB as the boot loader, it will create a boot menu from wich you will be able to select wich os you'll want to start either Win2K or Linux.

Note : when chosing swap partition size , it should be double of you're ram , for example 512RAM would need a 1024MB swap.

Robert B
thank you, this Grub thing is really cool.
However I counldn't find my DVD drive and can't play music CD.
I logged as root and tried couple of times but it still doen't work.
By the way, My sound card is detected as 8280 1CA/CAM AC'97
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