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Full Version: Can We Coexist?
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I've set up a multi boot that includes, Windows 2000 Server, Red Hat 7.3, and Evil Entity. Red Hat uses Grub loader, and Evil Entity uses Lilo loader. There are errors that occur when I attempt to load the GUI for Evil Entity. Any suggestions?
Lilo and Grub can't exist togeather because they both do the same thing. One can do the same job as the other. Grub is usually considered to be better than Lilo but its really a choice.

So the other issue is trying to resolve your problems. Exactly what are the error codes? There is probably a problem with the code for loading Evil Entity. Respond with the exact error codes and what your load commands are from lilo or grub and we will be better able to help you.
They can't both be on MBR ...

but you can put grub on MBR and use chainloader entries to both WinXP and Evil Entity ... then set Evil Entity lilo to boot the Evil Entity root partition and not the MBR....
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