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Full Version: Video Editing Linux?
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I'm into video and audio editing as well as Linux and was wondering if I could combine both of these worlds to accomplish something unbeatable. Is there any suggestion by which Linux distribution would be best suited for video and audio requirements?
Macintosh, o wait sorry, thats not linux. I am a pretty big audiophile and I do recording and what not, I have yet to find any linux software that does even a half way decent job. I think that you are going to be hard pressed to find a linux program thats going to do what you want. Not to mention drives for any external hardware that you may have for a/v i/o.

Sorry man, but the place to go for audio/video is mac, and if you can't do that windows is probably a better solution (I can't believe I just said that). If you keep looking and find some stuff though let me know, I would be interested it trying it out.
Actually, the movies Shrek (made by Dreamworks, click animation and then Technology News) and Finding Nemo{this year's oscar for animated film} (made by Pixar) were made on Linux machines ... and rendered on Linux Cluster farms. The Lord of the Rings series special effects (the oscar for special effects 2 years in a row) were also done using linux machines.

So on the high end, Linux is the absolute best platform for Audio and Video editing ... but those programs are not free ... and not very easy to use even if they were available.

I will say that the video products produced for average users of linux aren't as good as their Windows XP or Mac counterparts...

I think the best video editing software for linux (available for free) is probably Cinelerra ... but this is a very complex program for editing video and audio ... putting clips together, etc. More likely what a normal (non studio) user would like is one of these:

MainActor v5 - Linux
I would also like to say that all these expect MainActor are available in gentoo with a simple:

emerge package
The packages kino and mjpegtools are available in Debian unstable with apt-get ...
The packages kino and mjpegtools are available in RedHat and Fedora if using apt from FreshRPMs and the 4 sources from:

Although the rendering farm networks were probably controled by a linux based system, and even the render engine might have been on a linux hub. The interface were the actual design was done was a lot of mac boxes.

And even said, there is a difference between video editing and rendering. The type of rendering needed for something like Lord of the Rings and esepcially Finding Nemo. Although I will stand behind Macs for video and audio editing for 3D animation and effects creation the sytems doing that are more or less linux bassed, they are practically their own OS. But that isn't available, so I am going to try Cinelerra and see what that is like.
You probably didn't read my links biggrin.gif

Dreamworks uses nothing on the desktop except linux...see the technology news section under animation.....

Pixar uses Maya software to design and their Pixar Renderman to render ... Pixar is currently moving all their machines to Linux (here, here)

Here is a link discussing that top of the line SGI Octane Linux workstations for Lord of the Rings. No Mac workstations were used by Weta Digital on Lord of the Rings.

Here are a couple more articles:

PIXAR - Is using both Mac and Linux on the new film ... The Incredibles ... everyone else is Linux only.
Like I said, Pixar is completely different. 3D animation uses completely different software and has different needs than video editing. Take a normal film like Master and Commander. The editing of the video for a movie like that is all done in Avid, which is a mac based program, and the audio is all done in Avid's sister program ProTools. (And just for the record, Pixar uses ProTools to do thier audio too).

The point is that like I said 3D animation and video editing are different. And anyone serious about video editing (taking real film and working with it) uses mac.

Also, Weta Digital sighted Appel's Shake software as a key component of the Return of the King's video editing arsenal.

And they also used Avid software...
Avid Solutions Used in the Making of Academy Award-Nominated Films in All Major Production Categories

They may have used Maya on Linux Machines for the 3D SFX but the rest of the movie was done using Avid tools on macs. So to say that no mac workstations were used in creating Return of the King is wrong, no mac workstations were used in the special effects creation would be more actuate, but still probably a stretch.

The fact is that for normal video and audio editing (not 3D rendering) the pro's use Mac whether its movies like American Wedding, TV shows like Sex in the City or music, the pros are all using Avid and ProTools to make their stuff come to life.

I know this is a deviation from the point, but I just want to make the point clear that I did know what I was talking about. And the way I read the question was video editing, not 3D animation. I am not saying PC or Linux based system's don't get used, but in the area of video (not animation) and audio, Mac reigns supreme.
ok ... truce biggrin.gif

Mac and Linux are both being used in the industry for animation and film editing.

Linux is gaining ground as the software for it gets better, because of it's cost.

Mac is a good platform, that is also now basically unix (OS X in based on BSD) ... and it does graphical design very well.

Many companies, like Pixar, Dreamworks and Weta Digital are seeing Linux as an alternative to Mac and Windows ... but one that requires a lot of work on their part, to convert, port or write software that is yet unavailable on Linux.

All those shops use a mixture of Mac, Linux and Windows machines...BUT, 4-6 years ago, none of them used Linux for anything (except maybe web/dns servers)....
Pixar switches to Mac OSX and G5's
BUT, Steve Jobs would use Mac if at all possible ... the only reason he wouldn't would be if there was a major reason to switch / stay with Linux ... he is also the CEO of Apple for pete's sake! (On a side note, before the G5 Mac was released Jobs moved the workstations to Linux .... Now, can anyone envision Bill Gates doing the same with anything Microsoft?)

Like I said, Pixar uses both Mac and Linux ... They upgraded some Workstations to Mac G5 ... they have some SGI ... and they move the other SGI's to the render farm.

I like Mac, I just like Linux more biggrin.gif
Truce, I was just trying to save face.

Gates would never switch anything off of PC/Microsoft, at least not publicly, something tells me that he is ruthless and smart enough to know that if it would save him tons of money he would do it behind closed doors, you don't get to the top by wasting money.

I agree with your statement about how you love macs, just linux more. Except I am sort of to big a wuss to settle into one system. I have all three major systems and I switch around depending on what I am doing. I do my recording and editing on my mac, my programing on my linux box, and than its just sort of where I am for lounging around weather its windows or linux (I try to keep away from windows because I hate it).

But in general I agree, I love my mac, I love my linux system more, and I loath my windows system, but its sort of a necissary evil crutch.
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