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Full Version: Bet Ya Can't Fix This One
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I Have a "Voyetra-Turtle Beach-Santa Cruz sound card (OEM) installed by Dell. I have been unable to find the correct driver. Has anyone found it anywhere. The Voyetra site says to contact Dell. The reason I am asking is that When I installed Mandrake 9.2 Linux, it installed a Cirrus Prologic Driver and I have a THX Certified Suround Sound System by Altec Lansing four+one sub configuration, and I'm getting sound out of only the left front channel. PLease Help someone

I found this info at the Turtle beach web site.

Santa Cruz: Linux drivers?

Turtle Beach does not support the Linux Operating System. Non-supported
reference Cirrus Logic CS4630 drivers for Linux may be found at:

(You will need to stitch this long URL together for it to work.)

The Santa Cruz is also Native in the Linux Kernel 2.4.x

No guarantees are made for the functionality of these drivers.
VTB assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur from
your use of these drivers.

See also:
"Drivers for Alternative PC Operating Systems"

What's soing on is I getting sound out of the left front speaker. I have 4 speakers and a sub by Altec Lansing. How can I set it to work properly? I am w/ Mandrake 9.2, thanks
And I thought this was going to be a tough one:

Alsa Project

According to this page, alsa supports your card pretty good. So, following the instructions, and everything should work out fine.
so this should work with Mandrake righjt? Thanks. I couldn't find anything . You are great!!
Well, i would advise that you would un-install an existing version of Alsa first. I don't remember if Mandrake installs it by default or not.

Following the instructions on the page I posted above allows you to install Alsa from source, which means it should (theoretically) install on any distrubtion that meets the minimum requirements (and i can't really think of any).

So, in short: yes.

You like gentoo Linux? You feel it's better than Mandrake? Mandrake is my first try? Is Gentoo easy to work with?
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