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Full Version: Irc Server (with Background Info)
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I'm thinking of hosting an IRC server for me and some friends.

How big a deal is bandwith? I have a cable connection with 360kbps up (It's about 45k/s upload, so that would be 360kbps, right?) and about 2500-2800kbps down (300-350k/s download).

Is bandwith more or less important than the machine the server is running on? Sorry, I'm sure this is a horribly foolish question. ;-_-
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The bandwidth wouldn't be a major issue with most IRC items (the chat parts that is).

It would be an issue if you were to run an IRC DCC server that provided files for upload to others. (Just as an FTP server that allowed clients to get files from you, or a streaming media http site that allowed files from you to the client would quickly saturate your outgoing bandwidth).

You can allow dcc (Direct Client-to-Client) ... just don't host the files on your machine (or if you do, limit them to 1 upload at a time).

An IRC server shouldn't be very taxing on the machine either ... no more so than a webserver. You should be able to use any machine as long as you don't have several hundred users chatting at the same time...
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