OK, I'v got a fairly new install of Mdk 9.0, and an Okidata OL400e connected locally to the parallel port.

Using the KDE tools off of the taskbar menu (btw, what is the correct Linux term for what Windows would call the taskbar? What about what Windows called the Start menu?), I installed & configured the printer, and CUPS. Everything appears to work perfectly on the computer end; I.E. Mandrake seems to think everything is running perfectly.

BUT, when I try to print anything, even a test page, a job IS sent to the printer. The Data LED begins to blink and the display on the printer reads 'data', just as it is supposed to when it is receiving a print job.

THEN, the LED stops flickering, the display continues to show 'data' forever, and nothing ever prints. As far as CUPS indicates, the job was successful.

Any suggestions?