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Full Version: Grub Question
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Here is my setup, I've got a 80GB,60GB and a [removable] 20GB hard disk with Whitebox 3.0 installed on it, my problem is :

That I've also got a 80GB HD wich is also removable[currently not in, because of 20GB Linux], full with movies. The problem is, if I remove the 20GB hard disk, and insert the 80GB hard disk full with movies, grub won't boot, how can I make Grub to boot from hda [80GB], without searching for the 20GB[linux] till I tell him to boot Linux, so that I could switch the 80 and 20GB disks without any problems.

Please help.

Robert B
Is it at the grub process where you are having problems, or where the OS tries to mount the Hard Drives later in the install?

If the removable drive is not a boot drive then it shouldn't matter to grub ....

It's the grub, when I remove the removable hd [altought during install I told grub to install on hda, and the removable is hdc], grub won't even start up.

Robert B
wierd ...


cd /boot/grub

edit the file

remove any entries for /dev/hdc and save the file.

now (still from within the /boot/grub directory) run the command:


You should now be at the grub prompt ....

We are going to issue the root command next ... but it is the location of the partition that contains your boot ... for me, that is normally a seperate partition at hda1 ... if yours is different, you will need a diffrent drive than (hd0,0)...(hd0,0) is hda1...(hd0,1) is hda2...(hd0,3) is hda3...(hd1,0) is hdb1...(hd1,1) is hdb2...(hd2,0) is hdc1...(hd3,1) is hdd2, etc. So if your boot partition is seperate and at hda1 then the command is:

root (hd0,0)

then we want to setup the MBR again ...

setup (hd0)

now we wnat to exit


edit the file and remove any entries for /dev/hdc again.

reboot and see what happens...

My boot partition is on [I mean the Grub location], hdc1, this could be the problem?

How do I move the boot partition from hdc1 to hda1? [windowsxp is on hda1 , but I use FAT32, NTFS not for me...]

Robert B
Normally, grub is in the /boot directroy ... did you install it somewhere else?

if it is in /boot and if /boot is on hdc1, then probably the easiest thing to do is this:

copy the entire boot directory /tmp like this:

cp -R /boot /tmp/

then unmount the /boot directory ...

umount /boot


cp -R /tmp/boot /boot

then go into /etc/fstab and don't mount /boot (it will be part of root).

You would then need setup grub like I said before...
If you put grub somewhere other than the boot partition before ... you can reinstall it with the command:

grub-install --root-directory=/boot '(hd1)'
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