Following a nice install of RH9 after some kind help of people on this forum at:

.. I now seem to have another little problem i was hoping someone could confirm::

Configuring Belkin 802.11g NIC (used ndiswrapper before and it worked then died again 20 mins later) this time using drivers from linuxant (after another clean install of RH9 (hell i need the practice anyhows))

I get the following problem:

# ifup eth1
# Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) :
invalid argument "s:".
# Determining IP information for eth1... failed.

I can see the wireless access point clearly if i use 'iwlist' and know for sure it has excellent signal strength (got a windows laptop sitting next to it temporarily feeding some internet access through crossover and eth0)

Now i have eventually figured that the problem is that a 's:' is being placed incorrectly into the wep key, and i guess that if i remove it then i should have a working wirefree lan again.
( source: )

Just would like to confirm that this is the only likely cause of my troubles, and maybe ask if anybody else has had problems making a broadcom chipset work reliably?

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer smile.gif