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Full Version: Artificial Latency
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Hi there,
I've got a linux box, with 1 NIC in it (I CAN add more if I have to, though I'd rather not).
it can get to two subnets not directly connected to it ( and, the sever is on currently pings at 20ms, and pings at 30ms (they are physicly about 1000km apart).
What I want, is for both of them to be at 30ms, by increasing to 30ms (increase of 10ms).

The box has iproute2, running kernel 2.6.3 with all of the QOS and NETFILTER modules enabled.
I've been working at this, and short of running it through another box via bnc, I'm out of ideas.

thanks in advance...
I never really tried to make my network be slower before biggrin.gif

I don't know how to do it. Just for my own knowledge, why do you want to increase the Latency?
Create a bash script to run in the background. Have it loop, and have it ping both 15 times every second, with large packets. XD

*falls over*
why would I want to slow something down?
I keep asking myself this.

we run a gameservice, for national tornys, we need to have everyone on a level playing field
most of the states are a good 1000km apart, = ~10ms
I doubt that creating artifical latency will help. =/ You'll just make everyone lag or be slower.

Most games have some sort of latency control built in, so everyone plays at the same speed and if one person lags slightly, everyone does (thus no advantage).

Are you sure the game(s) you're going to be hosting don't have this?

(Games like this I can think of include Starcraft, and rise of nations)
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