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What kind of problems can I expect to encounter with installing both Rehat 9 and Mandrake 9 on an XP machine?

No problems at all ... but you need to have room to create a swap partition for redhat (2 x memory) and a root partiton (at least 5-6 gb) ... let redhat write it's boot loader (grub) to Master Boot Record (MBR) (amke sure to also check DOS as installed).

Should be able to boot to both Windows and RedHat right now...

When you install mandrake, pick the redhat swap partition as the Mandrake swap partiton and create a new root partition for mandrake (also minimum of 5-6 gb). ... make sure to write this boot loader to the root partition and not MBR ...

then boot to RedHat and add these lines at the bottom of the file /boot/grub/grub.conf like this:

Title Mandrake 9.2
    rootnoverify (hdx,y)
    chainloader +1

substitute the correct drive number for x ... primary master 0, primary slave 1, secondary master 2, secondary slave 3.

substitute the correct partiton number (for the root partition of mandrake) for y on the above drive ... 0 is first partition on the drive, 1 is 2nd partition, 2 is third partition , etc.
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