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Full Version: Internet Connection Drops After 2 Hrs.
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I have set up my old computer to be a router/firewall/print server using Mandrake 9.2. I finally got Samba, shorewall, and ICS working together. Now if I leave it running for more than about 2 hours, the connection via cable modem to the internet stops working. Also, if I don't reboot the cable modem when I restart the system, I get no internet connection.

I have no idea how to go about troubleshooting or even fixing this problem. I read how-to's and quickstart guides really well, but I only know enough to get myself into trouble.
Did you have this kind of problem with other PCs?

What happens if you reset the cable modem and restart the network instead of rebooting?

Is the time always pretty close to 2 hours?
I did not have this problem when I was using my windoze machines. I used to have Mandrake 9.1 on one of these and it did the same thing.

I have not tried that, but I assume that restarting the network after resetting the modem will work. After all, it is the same operation that happens during startup, isn't it? My goal is to have this box sit in a corner without a monitor and just take care of business day in and day out without having to fool with it regularly. That is why I wanted to use Linux instead of Win98 or 2K (XP won't even install on it).

It seems to drop always at about 2 hours. It could be 90 mins, it could be 2 1/2 hours. I never timed it exactly. If I need to, I will keep track of an exact time that it happens. Is there a log file I could check?

BTW, thanx for your help. smile.gif
There are a couple possibilities ....

in some versions of linux, there are routines that clean up unused modules ... maybe that is happening accidentially.

Maybe there is a cron running that causes the network to shut down ....

Maybe there is a requirement by the ISP to renew the IP address at certian intervals ... and linux isn't doing it properly.
Is the modem a USB device or an Ethernet device?
You can look in /var/log for log files ...

there should be a main log file (syslog or messages)

shorewall might have it's own log file

cron also might have it's own log file

(I don't have access to my Mandrake machine right now to check)
If the logs don't show any real info .... maybe we should just try a network restart ... if that works, we might be able to write a script to ping something every 15 minutes and restart the network if it doesn't work...
I think you dropped me right on top of the problem. I went into Mandrake Control Center and disabled CROND. After 5 hours, my internet connection is still active. Thank you so much for your help.

After a little poking around and looking for what CROND is actually doing to cause my problem, I discovered files in /etc like cron.hourly, cron.daily, cron.weekly. In cron.hourly, there is only one thing called msec. A little research reveals that this is Mandrake Security, that goes through regularly checking things out. There is a guide to it on this website that says that one of the checks is called CHECK_PROMISC. This apparently checks for promiscuous ethernet adapters (I assume it shuts them down also). I added the line "CHECK_PROMISC=no" to /etc/security/msec/security.conf, according to the guide. Now I shall wait and see how it works.
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