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Full Version: Recommendations For Mail Server
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cagey cretin
Hello! smile.gif

I hope can get some recommendations on an application that I can purchase (yeah, that way I can call 'em if there is any problem). I have spent the last few months trying to weed my through qmail, postfix, and sendmail. None of the tutorials (I mean zero) worked. Nothing but errors. Been there; done with that.

I have Redhat 9, good and solid. httpd and vsftpd work like champs.

Thanks in advance (& let the flames begin),

No flames from here ... the best Mail server for Linux (in my opinion) is openexchange server from SUSE ... but it costs big bucks.

I would recommend before you spend the money that you try WhiteBox Enterprise Linux and these instructions.
cagey cretin
Thanks HJ. Do either the binary iso or source iso allow to install from CD?

get the binary iso...

Robert B
try communigate pro i have used it works great....its not free yet you can run a full functional demo for unlimited amount of time.

go to for more info.
cagey cretin
Thanks all!

:research ensuing:

cagey cretin
[quote=hughesjr,Mar 8 2004, 07:17 PM] No flames from here ... the best Mail server for Linux (in my opinion) is openexchange server from SUSE ... but it costs big bucks.

I would recommend before you spend the money that you try WhiteBox Enterprise Linux and these instructions. [/quote]
Okay, I went over to the link you gave me & I installed White Box.

I then followed the link to the instructions:
Use my rpms. They should build on WBEL (I'll adjust the spec files if
you see any mistakes).  You just need to download the src.rpm from my
website and follow the instructions on  It's not hard and you can
build with support for MysQL, SASL and TLS. (If you see any mistakes
with WBL then let me know and I'll adjust the spec file accordingly).

[I don't provide binaries with all this built in because there are too
many different options that can be enabled.]


Hughesjr, which src.rpm is he talking about? This is what is at the page:
RPMS-fc1-i386/            - 
RPMS-noarch/              - 
RPMS-rh5x-i386/          - 
RPMS-rh6x-alpha/          - 
RPMS-rh6x-i386/          - 
RPMS-rh6x-s390/          - 
RPMS-rh6x-sparc/          - 
RPMS-rh8-i386/            - 
RPMS-rh9-i386/            - 
RPMS-rh70.1-alpha/        - 
RPMS-rh70.1-i386/        - 
RPMS-rh72-i386/          - 
RPMS-rh73-i386/          - 
RPMS-rhel3-i386/          - 
RPMS-rhel21-i386/        - 
RPMS-yellowdog23-ppc/    - 
SOURCES/                  - 
SRPMS/                    - 
apt/                      - 
experimental/            - 
pgp/                      - 
postfinger/              - 
postfix-doc-es/          - 
testing/                  - 
vocal/                    - 
yum/            [/quote]

I didn't see White Hat there at all...

smile.gif Thanks again for taking the time,

cagey cretin
Sorry, Double Post

rhel3 would be the closest choice I think...

since whitebox enterprise linux is actualy built from the released source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0,

so try this first...

Robert B
cagey cretin
smile.gif Thanks Robert. I'll give that a run.
You're welcome smile.gif

Robert B
cagey cretin
Robert, if it isn't too much trouble, do you mind telling me which one from ?

There are two folders:
  • RPMS-rhel3-i386/ - (I presume this is the newer one so go with this one, right?)
  • RPMS-rhel21-i386/ -

That still leaves these options in that directory:
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.MySQL.mysql_query.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.MySQL.mysql_query.sasl1.tls.vda.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.MySQL.mysql_query.sasl2.tls.vda.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.pgsql.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.pgsql.sasl2.tls.vda.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.pcre.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-6.rhes3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.16-8.rhel3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.17-1.rhel3.i386.rpm
  • postfix-2.0.18-3.rhel3.i386.rpm

Honestly, I am shell-shocked with all the different options out there and what might and might not work for a particular system...

So, just guessing, would I want this one:


WhiteBox linux is built from RHEL 3 source is basically RHEL 3.

use postfix-2.0.18-3.rhel3.i386.rpm , as this one is the latest...

but if you have problems you could try these


if you succed with configuring you mail server , be so kind and tell me how you did it...

I'm planing on a whitebox postfix mail server to... smile.gif

Robert B
It also depends on what you want ... there are binaries that include several features....check out his site:

The most full featured on is this one:


It contains:

pcre - perl compatible regular expression maps

MySQL - store usernames and passwords in a database...

SASL2 - Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer (what it's for).

tls - Transport Layer Security - you can add secure SMTP connections.

vda - Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
cagey cretin
I gotta tell ya, I am beaten. I am beaten, beaten, beaten.


Download source rpm package: postfix-.....src.rpm

Install the package which puts source files in %{_sourcedir} and %{_specdir}, ready for starting the package build. See below for the exact location that rpm uses.
Note: This will not affect the binary packages that are currently installed on your machine.

Huh? That makes zero sense to me. Is there a command line that does that? Do I double click it? WTF????? This is so FFFFFFFFing frustrating!!! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

I can't use the SMB server in the White Hat. Why? I dunno. It just won't start up. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

I respectfully leave with my tail between my legs, and sagging shoulders. Linux us not for me, I only know English, not computer. None of the books translates this enough. There is too much ambiguity in this for me. I just gotta have it spoon fed, I guess. I will try to assemble something on MS-ware. I at least can understand how that os works. sad.gif

Please understand that I know the onus is on me to make the stuff work. I have just spent way too much time tryint to learn, and accomplishing little, though not from a lack of people trying to help.

Thank you all,

None of the server installs or setup's in Linux (or UNIX/BSD for that matter) are double click affiars... it's just not how it's done. In my instructions ... if I say use (or type) the command, it means with a terminal window open, type the command as the root user, then press enter....

These instructions and the postfix rpm are compiled for whitebox only...
Have you done the White Box updates? .... if not, download this file (yum.conf <--right click and save link target as /etc/yum.conf). After updating your yum.conf, type the command:

yum update

Also replace the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources with this file (sources <--right click, save target as /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources)

(this will update all your files to the latest versions for WhiteBox Linux) ... when this is done, reboot....pick the latest kernel on startup
You must configure SMB before it works .... there is a web based tool for samba called samba-swat that I like alot ... it helps you setup samba. If your yum is updated (should be from the above step), install all or samba like this (all one line):

yum install pam_smb redhat-config-samba samba-client samba-swat samba-common samba

After it finishes, go to the directory /etc/xinetd.d and edit the file swat and find the line that currently says:

disable = yes

change it to

disable = no

Now restart xinetd with the command:

/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

Now open your web browser and type this in the address bar (or click the below link if you are on the machine that has swat installed right now):


Use this to configure samba....
I downloaded the latest source for postfix and built it on WhiteBox (with all the stuff enabled) ... you can download the rpm I made from here:

Install the following programs with yum (all on one line):

yum install cyrus-sasl-md5 cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-plain cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-devel pcre pcre-devel mysql php-mysql mod_auth_mysql mysql-server mysql-devel imap mod_authz_ldap spamassassin openldap openldap-clients php-ldap

You should now be able to install postfix with the command (from within the directory you downloaded it to):
rpm -Uvh postfix-2.0.18-3.db4.pcre.mysql.sasl2.tls.vda.i386.rpm

Now you will need to configure postfix via these instructions .... file locations for your install are as described in the General Packaging Information section here
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