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I know this is not to much Linux related, but I would really apriciate it if someone with experience in this thing would be so kind and help me. Thank you.

So the question would be :

There is a computer WinXP, and the user uses Outlook 6, now he wan't to back up he's e-mails on a cd in such a format , that he could somehow open it from outlook, and on the cd the e-mail would be password protected.

I was thinking about moving the inbox...etc...dbx files to the cd, but I don't know how could I password protect it, and make it easy to open? any ideas?

Robert B
You said Outlook 6 ... I assume you mean Outlook Express 6 because Outlook is 97, 98, 2000, XP(2002), 2003, etc.

I don't know how to password protect it either ... but before you worry about that, I would make sure you can even open it ... and if you did open it, you couldn't make any changes ... or send/recieve e-mail .... since a CD is not writeable.

If the person is using Outlook (and not Outlook Express), some of the stuff becomes easier. In Outlook, you have personal folders (.pst files) that can be password protected, and you can point to it from any Outlook (not outlook express) client and read the stuff. You still wouldn't be able to write any new stuff to the folder on the disk....but if you used a CD-RW disc, you could erase the CD and add the PST file to it again later....

You could create a personal folder (.pst file) on the hard drive ... move stuff to the personal folder, password protect it, then close outlook and copy the .pst file to a CD-RW disc .... later, he could put stuff in the .pst file on the hard drive, you could erase theCD-RW disc and copy the new .pst file to the CD-RW disc.
If you convert the user to Linux, you can just backup his home/evolution folder and take it to other linux boxes and read it....
i like how you slipped in the 'install linux' option there hughesjr smile.gif
I got to do that every once in a while...I just can't help myself biggrin.gif
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