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Full Version: Sound Problem Help Plase!
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all sounds work good.... but when i try to play a cd I dont here the music ; I see that the cd player is working and evrything but I dont hear the music. when i use KsCD
at the battom it has this menssage ( no matching freedb entry found) while is playing.I even install winamp with winehq. the music demo that comes with winamp it plays and i can hear it.but when I try to play a cd it plays but I dont hear the is wear, can some one help me or tell me how to fix this please!!!!!!!
This is normally 1 of 2 problems:

1. No Audio cable connected from the CD player to the Sound Card ... the cable normally looks like this (it is usually gray, blue, or black). See this page and look at the section for KSCD apparently plays but no sound ... it tells you how to see if you have a cable, and how to get xmms to play without a cable ... but if you have a cable, installing it is the best bet.

2. You have a cable, but the CD-In channel is either turned down or muted ... open the Mixer and make sure the channel for CD is not pulled down or muted.
I have this problem. Neither cures it either :S
thanks a lot for the help>I open my cpu and i dont have the cable.thats the problem biggrin.gif
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