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Full Version: Internet And Printer Sharing
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i'm connecting to the internet over a cable modem. my dad, whos pc runs WinXP, wants to go over my pc to the internet/ wants to print. how can i share my internet-connection/ printer on SuSE 9.0 (or any other distro)???
plz help! if he cant access the internet he wont pay for it anymore.... that would be a slow and painfull death for me!
You can share your internet connection with iptables and IP masquerade:

It requires that you have a second network card in the SUSE machine, a crossover cable (make it, buy it), and a NIC in the Windows XP machine.

Once you have the second NIC installed in the SUSE machine assign the new card an IP address of, follow the instructions here to share your internet connection.

Assign an IP address of to the Windows XP machine, and put the same IP address in for DNS on the XP machine as you have in the file /etc/resolv.conf on the SUSE machine ... and you should be in business...
To share the printer, you would need to set up samba after the network is connected.
Since dad is shelling out the money for the connection, why not do this the easy way?

Get a router/switch combo (4 ports should be fine)

Configure the router and then setup a local network in your home.

Don't hog the connection, and don't make him pass through your system (I personally don't like sharing my network badwith, and this would suck up yours through your internet nic).

As far as the printer, you have a couple of options there...

Spend another $50 or so and buy a printserver that runs on the network to share with both, or setup a samba share on your laptop, or his pc.
Thanks for your help!
Ive got a second network card in my pc, a network card in the windows xp machine (which is hopefully the "NIC") and one of these cables.
thanks again!!
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