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Full Version: Newbie Lost The Plot!
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I just installed SuSE 9.0 for the first time smile.gif with no problems,
except my login......

I am asked for username and password but have not specified amy usernames yet, and my only p/w is the root one.

I tried loggin in as root but LOGIN FAILED

Am I missing the obvious?

Sorry to be slow!

you must type the login name : root
and then you must type in the password that you specified for root during installation !!

Robert B
some GUI display managers won't allow the root user to login (as a security measure). In the future ... always create at least one non-root user when you install linux!

When booting SUSE, where you select the kernel to boot from, there is a block for kernel options at the bottom, put 3 in that options block ... which should take you to run level 3 (console mode).

Login as root and then type:


Once in the X GUI, add a non root user.
I tried using ROOT as the username, and the p/w i specified during install... no good.

I dont rmember getting an opportunity to create other users during install, but i'll try your suggestions, thx
you could also try hitting CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to a console screen and then login as root.. Then create a password.

If you are using GDM, you can try changing the configurations in system to allow root login. This is a security whole, but if u have to so that you can create a user account, so be it... just make sure you turn it back off...

Thanks HughesJr, I got in, set up a user, and it works great!

And i like Linux so far! biggrin.gif
your welcome!

I don't remember the SUSE 9 install well enough to tell you where (if...) it allows you to create a new user in the install process .... I only have installed it a couple times on my test box.

good luck biggrin.gif
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