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Full Version: Can't Seem To Get Onto My Network?
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Hey guys -I've just set up a sub-distro of Slackware called VectorLinux on my P3 laptop, and I'm having trouble getting on to my home network.

Basically, the gateway is at , and another is at

I've configured my laptop to , and with the Network PCMCIA card inserted, I can ping that IP add. (obviously) and no problems. If I remove the card, I can't - thefore I must assume the card is being detected fine.

The only thing I'm not sure about in netconfig - is the "domain" setup? I don't have a domain on my network, but I can't bypass this step? (I just set it as MSHOME, the current Workgroup on the network)

pinging .0.1 results in "100% sent, 0% recied, 100% packet loss" , and vice-versa!

please help! Any extra information that I can provide, please ask!


that is ok I think, just make sure that you don't give you're computer a domain name like or something like that, wich is already registered, use names like you use with other windows computers , like Family.Laptop or something like that.

Robert B
Well, I still can't get onto my network, that's the problem!

It can see itself using a non-local IP, but nothing else can see it.... ifconfig gives this:

Link encap:Ethernet HW Addr xxx
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
Up Broadcast Running Multicast MTU: 1500 Metric: 1
RX/TX packets: 0
IRQ: 3 Base Addr: 0x0300
I use home.local as a DNS address for all my local machines ... but the domain name won't make any difference on pinging other machines using the IP Addresses directly.

If you can't ping from the laptop, but you can from other PC's on the network, then there is something wrong with the network card setup of the laptop.
Sorry.. let me clarify one last time -

the laptop's IP is
the Gateway's IP is 192.168.01
another PC on my hub is

the laptop can ping itself on .0.8 and on with the NIC inserted.
Without the NIC, it can't ping anything, thefore the NIC is fine, yes?
the laptop cannot ping anything else on my hub, or the gateway PC.
the other PC, or the Gateway, cannot ping the laptop.

I thought maybe the domain had something to do with it, but obviously not!

hughesjr - Thanks! Is there some logical route I can go through checking to find out?
What is the output of the command:


It should look something like this:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface     *               U        0      0        0 eth0         *                         U        0      0        0 lo
default               UG      0      0        0 eth0
This is what I get:

destination     gateway     genmask       flags   metric  ref   use  Iface
localnet        *      U       0       0     0     eth0
localnet        *            U        0       0     0     lo
default          UG      1       0     0     eth0
I can't tell what localnet is ... sorry ... do:

route -n
make the middle one 'loopback'

route -n gives me:

destination     gateway     genmask          flags   metric  ref   use  Iface      U       0       0     0     eth0               U        0       0     0     lo                     UG      1       0     0     eth0

Does that help?
that is the correct route table ....

you should be able to ping any address that is on the network directly ... is there a firewall on the laptop?

The command:

iptables -L

should tell you if there is.....
that gives me:
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target   prot opt source destination

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target   prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target   prot opt source destination

Is there something else I may be doing wrong? sad.gif Thanks!

is you're windows computer enabled to share you're internet connection?

Robert B

ps.: if yes, try another network card.
Let's break this down real simple...

You have a nic right???

You configure the ip address right???

You cannot ping anything on the local network right???

Have you tried a different cable? Say the one on the windows desktop that is working? That would be the first thing I would suggest...

Is it a wireless card by chance? I didn't notice that it was, but thought maybe something got left out.

Is there only 1 nic in the laptop? Or 2? I know some have an onboard is why I ask.
Right, I ripped out all the cabling in my house, apart from the hub, gateway and laptop - and now it can see it. Unbeknownst to myself, there was an extra hub between the laptop and the 'main' hub, and it wasn't seeing anything through there - now it's fine though, it can ping the gateway now.

HOWEVER! If anyone can explain why it's not letting me access the internet, I'd be much obliged - I've stuck in as the internet gateway, but I'm not sure which port to use?

Thanks again, guys -I really appreciate the help!
enable internet sharing on gateway computer

Robert B
can you believe that the only reason the above didn't work, was that my ISP's primary DNS server was down? I exchanged for the 'backup' server and it worked a treat.

Thanks again, I really really do appreciate the help!
yeah that happened to me to when went down and was switched for

Robert B
glad you were able to get it working...

Glad I could help.
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