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Full Version: Messed Up Kde/x... Well All Gui
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When trying to get OpenGL working with my Radeon 9200SE, I seem to have messed up KDE/X and basically all my GUI. Joy!

I've done "apt-get install kde", but not sure what to do from there.

(This first started when it said I was missing a driver module it was looking for, fglrx. I had the deb file for it, but even when I installed it successfully, there was no change when I ran startx).

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated! biggrin.gif All my files are intact, and I'd hate to have to reinstall linux (or go back to XP) in order to get a working desktop (hopefully with OpenGL so I can play games).

x is overrated ... use the console wink.gif

I am assuming that you are also trying to install the drivers from ati....

What version of debian are you using (stable{woody}, testing{sarge}, unstable{sid})? What is the uname -r of the machine...

I have never installed the ATI driver under debian ... but if you do things in section 2.4 Generating a customized kernel module of this page you should be in business....

I'd use console, but this is a workstation, and I'd like to be able to play games, read PDF files, and browse web pages well. happy.gif

Lynx isn't up to the job, and it would suck reading ebooks in console. happy.gif

I guess I'll reinstall XP then. ;-_- Thanks for your help!
Hi, don't give up smile.gif,

try using red hat it's lot more easier....

Robert B
First, have you installed the ATI drivers? Accoding to a post I saw on slashdot today ATI has released a driver support for linux for the Radeon card.

Second, have you had X working before??? And you just updated something???

Third, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

Dont go back to winbloze because you hit a few bumps... Just get a 4-wheel drive SUV and climb over them.
Gah, I've had worse experiances with Red Hat. wink.gif

Oh yea, I had X working (2D mode, no OpenGL, bad FPS in games), but I guess I overstepped myself. happy.gif

When trying to install the driver, it complained about a broken pipe (not being able to overwrite a file called (if memory serves) libGL-So.1). So I "dpkg -i --force-overwrite pacakge" it, and after restart, X stops working. happy.gif Discouraging!

New drivers released today? Just my luck. XP I'll check those out, thanks for all your help!
Looks like the same 3.7.0 driver to me ....

Do you have a 2.6.x or a 2.4.x kernel (and what is the kernel version {do uname -r}).

Try this:

1. Download the kernel source that matches your kernel ...

2. Go to /usr/src/linux and if there is a tar file there for kernel source, untar the file.

3. Go into the kernel source directory.

4. Issue the command:
make mrproper

5. Copy your current config file from /boot to .config inside this directory ...
cp /boot/config-xxxxx .config

6. Make the oldconfig current:
make oldconfig

7. Make the dependancies (only on 2.4.x kernel)
make dep

8. Follow the steps on this page ... in the section:

2.4 Generating a customized kernel module

Here is what they say to do:
  Perform the following steps:
      - get the matching Linux kernel source <--Done above
      - run "make distclean" <--Done with make mrproper instead
      - setup that kernel source with the config file matching your kernel <--Done above
      - run "make dep" on the kernel source tree <--Done above
      - go to "/lib/module/fglrx/build_mod" and enter "./" <--Start Here
      - go to "/lib/module/fglrx" and enter "./" <--Do this too!
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