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Full Version: Yet Another Samba Question /advice
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My network has 3 subnets , each of them has a local master browser wich is a Samba server [3.0.2a] , and it works really nice, each subnet can only see it's own WORKGROUP, and browsing in the network is fast.

1. The three subnets are joined together at the proxy server [I'm just now creating a new one , using whitebox linux and enterprise versions of Samba, Squid]. I've read about Domain Master Browser in a excelent SAMBA documentation, but the only problem was that one of my questions wasn't answered, as I've read the local master browsers and the domain master browser would comunicate and switch/uptade lists of available clients on each of the subnets, but I'm really interested if that would allow [again.. sad.gif ], that each WORKGROUP would be shown in the NETWORK NEIGHBOURHOOD, from any of them subnets, what would happen would that problem [ problem for me ] show up, or not?

2. The next question would be, as I've got three subnets , and they are joined togeather at the proxy/nat server wich has the ip adress and goes out at [the firewall], I'm doing no IP masquerading... would the firewall allow internal subnet ip's out as well? [for example :
computer ---> ----> eth1[DMZ] [iptables is set to trust eth1 connections] would the firewall allow this, and grant access to the internet for ?

3. What speed increase can a WINS server with Samba do in my network? looking at my subnets and proxy server, where should I put it? do I need multiple or only one ?

Robert B
If you are happy right now with the master browser configuration and you don't want to change it (you want the 3 subnets to stay seperate), the addition of the proxy server shouldn't have any effect. (as long as the proxy server doesn't have samba installed ... or if samba is installed on the proxy server, the options inside the /etc/samba/smb.conf for:

preferred master = No
local master = No
domain master = No

are set.

As for a wins server ... if you have a wins server, I have found that name lookups are faster...especially name lookups between subnets. I use a wins server on all NT4 domains that I run ... I would setup the Win2K server as the WINS server. You should only need 1 wins server total ... but it might make all the computers show up in the browse list...
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