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Full Version: Dhcp?
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i just got xbox linux. it is running Ed's Debian, but i cant seem to get my internet working. i have a linksys router and another box running XP. i thought to mess around in /etc/network/interfaces to fix it or find some answers but i didnt find any. im a linux newbie jus for an fyi. UPDATE: MAR. 5 this version of debian is just like any other version of debian so dont think that this is very different from "normal" debian smile.gif
sorry ... my debian test install hard drive crashed...had to do another install to see how to do this:

does your /etc/networking/interfaces look like this:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
# This entry was created during the Debian installation
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
ill have to check it out on monday smile.gif but i have charter cable and i read an article about it at ...the site says that they (charter) need broadcast rather than unicast (im a linux newbie no clue what this means) but i cant get dhcpcd on my hdd so i cant add the -B to my command (broadcast), maybe thats the problem? ill check it out and tell you what happens. i have a dhcp client but i dont kno the name... i keep getting this on startup or ifup -a (from memory)
DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 interval 7

something like that over and over with different intervals and then it goes to "sleeping" mode.

thanks a lot
yea it says that. i still couldnt get it to work. so i messed with a few other files like /etc/hosts. i dont want to show everything, but my problem is in more detail at


Some questions ....

If you have the router plugged in to the cable modem ... how does your Windows XP box have an IP address of

If the Windows XP and Linux boxes are both plugged into the router (in a LAN port) and the cable modem is plugged into the Router WAN port, then the IP address of the Windows XP box should be and so should the Linux box (They should be on the same network ( and the only thing that should be different is the last number (maybe for the linux box and for the XP box). The external address (on the WAN port) of the cable modem should be

Here is a drawing of how the network should look...

(The html network drawing looks better in Internet Explorer ... Here is an OpenOffice Impress slide for Linux users....)
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