Hi. I'm using a Dell Axim x5 with a CF wireless card (url below).


Also, I have Linux Redhat 9 installed, using a rt2400 chipset Wireless PCI card.

Both devices are installed correctly.

I set both devices to connect to ad-hoc / peer-2-peer networks, and they connect


The Linux machine has 2 interfaces. 1 eth0 (cabled network) with IP

and also ra0 (wireless card) with IP

It is connected to my cable-router ( and uses it as a gateway, and

DNS server.

My Axim has the IP

Even though they are connected (with good signal strength) they cannot ping

eachother (either way).

I would to be able to access the internet on my Axim when connected to the Linux


Does anybody know what I am talking about? Does anyone know of what I must do?

Also, does anybody know what I should set as the gateway and DNS on the Axim?

Any help would be appreciated.