Hi, I'am a Linux Newbie - 2 weeks and very pleased with the Mandrake 9.2 package.
At least I don't have to hit the reset button a dozen times to get Win98SE running.

Most of my configuring work has been with the GUI and after uninstalling the Xine scanner
package and logging back into the system the following kdesktop error box appeared.
"the process for the file protocol died unexpectedly"

Everything is working ok but the mounted win partitions are missing from the desktop
along with directory shortcuts, trash bin and the home icon. If I try to open the desktop
in Konqueror nothing happens.

Previously I had created the home icon on the kicker bar so I dragged it onto the desktop
and selected copy here from the drop down list box. A file already exists warning box appeared
so I cancelled it. I tried recreatiing my mounted win partitions with the same results.
Reinstaled Xine which changed nothing.

Next I created a new user and all was fine. checked the paths to desktop, trash, autostart
and documents and both users were the same.

Can anybody help please.