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Full Version: Startup Scripts And Su
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Im writing a start-up script that trys to su to a non superuser account to start a screen for a program (mutella) and then detaches the screen. Im running into trouble. Heres my code for it that is relevant to the issue.


DESC="P2P Client"
case "$1" in
if [ -e $DIR ];
echo "Starting $DESC: $NAME"
cd $DIR
su $M_USER -c `screen -d -m -S $NAME $DAEMON`
else echo "No such directory: $DIR"
exit 0

When i execute this Mutella starts fine, but i can not reattach the screen as root (because the screen belongs to JD account) and when i su to JD and issue the screen -R or even screen -r Mutella it tells me im not the owner of the screen.

Any help would be gratefull, also been searching for a site dedicated to coding linux scripts any links?
In a bash / sh script .... the things surrounded by `` execute at the command line and then return the results to the script ... I think you want to use " or ' instead of ` for the script.

Second thing is that if you want to get all the environment variables for the user jd, you need to use :

su - jd -c "commands"

instead of:

su jd -c "commands"
So, try this:

{but first, with the process running, see who the owner is with the command:
ps -ef | grep screen

su - $M_USER -c "screen -d -m -S $NAME $DAEMON"

then do the command:
ps -ef | grep screen

and see who the owner is....
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