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We all know that the majority here will be Male, but let's see how many linux chicks we have around.
wow, only 2 votes, i guess i needed more options here smile.gif
I only need to see two choices Corey biggrin.gif
Two choices should surve fine.

So this poll has only surved to show one thing, there is an extream lack of feminine grace on this board.

You know, I am an IT student at the UofM and we have some 2600 undergrad students in the Institute of Technology and this trend repeats its self and it makes me sad. There is a shoking shortage of females in my classes. I am taking three IT classes this semester and I have one two girls in all my discusions and labs combined. Two out of like a hundred. And its doesn't get much better in the lectures. My CSci class has one girl in it. My math and physics classes have maybe 20 to 30 each but I am talking about 300-400 kid lectures here.

Sorry that I am rambling on about this, but its a disturbing trend. This industry needs females not just for the obvious reasons but they bring a couter balance to the table and a often a unique way of looking at projects. What is it about computers that just turn the girls away? Or is it the nerds on the comptures?
All guys, eh?

Ya man, thats what you have to look forward to. But the nice thing about a school like Minnesota is there are 6 other colleges chock full of girls to flirt with so its ok. Plus in a move of blinding insight, the U puts Bio Tech in with IT not the school of Medicince, so you get lots of girls in that in with us IT nerds.
So as much as the world is supposivly changing by having equal rights and equal opportunities for males and females in positions, it seems that girls still flock to the once-thought-of "female-majority" professions such as education, etc.

I for one would love to see more girls in the field, it sucks being in classes with all guys, while all the girls are on the 3rd floor doing pharmacy tech and fitness.

Somehow in my college girls have time for everything...except for learning some IT skill's.And hello i am from india...where they say some IT boom is taking place....

But still a very surprising thing is though pure Tech companies(i mean companies that do field Suzuki,GE,TVS..)they won't hire girls in plenty..but i have seen that IT comanies always prefer girls...during campus placement..(So if you are girl...and you are applying for infosys,TCS,Wipro or IBM you got it....)
I'm new to this Linux thingy' and already remembering the days of good-ol' DOS. I am feeling a bit out of the loop, so excuse my ignorance to Linux as I post. Yes! I am male, My wife is already enjoying Linux too. So Maybe I can add her as a female. She is learning right along side me. Then same with my daughters... So in ten years from now, you'll have three ladies as Linux users!
Three girls! Wow, thats huge, so by this math, it will take what, 10 generations to get have what a couple hundred. Thats awsome. Way to do your part for linux.
*shrugs* Then again, it's not a great enviorment for women.

Things like IRC,, and message boards (to name a few) drive away alot of people who might otherwise show an intrest in computers.

This is due to women being weak


I think a aditional choice might have been added to the vote ... Aliens

Robert B
You know Termina, its not the message board that drives away people, its the people on the message boards. But granted, you do have a point because there isn't enough sappy feeling sharing crap on message boards.

BattleGuy58: Ha, I fragged you 85 Times!! How does that make you feel?
NeWbIe89: Well, when you frag me, it realy makes me feel insucure about my own personal abilities. I also feel very alone when I have.......

Blah blah blah, no body cares.
I am a girl in IT aka girl geek aka geekette.

#1 its not easier to get a job in IT as a girl because people automatically assume that since you are a girl you dont know anything because you "are a girl".

#2 I don't want more women in IT because women in the workplace drive me nuts. Too much drama and shtuff. It's absolutely the most annoying thing listening to a girl complain all day long.


wait a sec.. what did I just write? ... 2 complaints! see!?!

actually I would love to work with cool geek girls, They rule. too bad we're a rare breed.

Now before I go fumbling over myself trying to ask you out on a date, I welcome aboard. You are a rare breed. Trust me, I just spend nine months trying to find one around here. Ya, no go. My buddy found one, she's great. I love girl geeks, that way we actualy have something to talk about. All my female friends just spend thier time nodding thier's heads and smiling wile I talk about things. Its not cool.

And yes, I know exactly how anoying it is to listen to girls wine allday. Of course, whats going on here? Guys wining about girls. What ever.

Ha, they do exist. (Sits back and smiles calmly)
lest0039, when enough people like that are on a messageboard/forum, they BECOME that messageboard/forum. sad.gif
yeah? I guess the "puter geek chicks" are rare. I didn't luck out and find one, but I did marry a Make-up girl laugh.gif She's willing to switch to linux for a few reasons... her first question to me was "Hun, why is the computer shutting down in 60 seconds" second, "I'm gettin ticked off! Why is XP telling me there is a sasser worm... you know how much I hate bugs..."

Calmly I told her, "Its time we let windows die... its old and its failing..." , her reply " As long as I can get my MSN gossip I dont give a flip if I have to learn to type a few commands in linux"

Taaaaaaaa Daaaaaa! here we are!
QUOTE (thaigrrrrl @ May 6 2004, 07:48 AM) *
#1 its not easier to get a job in IT as a girl because people automatically assume that since you are a girl you dont know anything because you "are a girl".

LOL..may be that's why i had read somewhere that :
if you're going into cracking and hacking stuff..Learn to use a girl's nick..

Most of 'em believe girls don't have enough brains n guts to hack or crack !! and you may be safe cool.gif
Just because i'm a girl does not mean i am a geek. I want to put that out there.
QUOTE (Corey @ Mar 3 2004, 01:54 PM) *
We all know that the majority here will be Male, but let's see how many linux chicks we have around.

I'm a Linux chick. Although I do not use Linux exclusively.. I have been using it proficiently since about 1998

Oh ya... I guess I am a geek too biggrin.gif
I don't really exist sad.gif
QUOTE (Termina @ Mar 31 2004, 03:43 PM) *
All guys, eh?


Lol... I believe we'll find more girls on Windows forum...
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