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Full Version: Mandrake 9 And Win2000 Boot Problems
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I have a severe LINUX and Windows2000 problem, so if anyone can help, please, PLEASE let me know. For anyone who wants to send me some help, please email me at

Here's the problem in detail:

I run Win98SE and Win2000 on an old P200MMX, 128M ram, with sony cd-rw, scanner, etc. The original install was done by putting in Win98 on my C drive (3 gig) and the Win2000 was put on as a dual-boot system on D (10 gig).I have since been working on Win2000, and I've also set win2000 to start automatically so that 98 would still be accessible, yet not used. This has been like this for the last year, so you know I've done a fair amount of upgrading thru

Ihave been reading about Linux for a long time, so I wanted to give it a shot. I downloaded Mandarke 9.0 ISO images, burned them, created a bootdisk, and I started up an install on my C: by asking Mandrake to erase the disk entirely. The install was the best computer experience of my entire life! No hitches, about 20 minutes and I was done. What a system!

Now, I want to go back to Windows. I still need it to run my email, design my websites, I AM still learning to use Linux, so I need a system I can rely on while I make the transition.

PROBLEM: The Mandrake bootloader gives me 5 choices, among which I have "linux" and "nt". When i choose nt, which should be my win2000, this message comes up:

Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart _

It seems my windows bootloader, scsi driver, boot.ini files and more are missing, as apparently they were installed on my C drive. How do I get outta this now?

luckily I have another pc running win2000, but I still need to work this one. How do I fix this? Is there a way to put these files back somewhere, or boot from a diskette so it'll access my D?

please help, I have no one to rely on but you people!

Thanks a bunch!

Sébastien Ferland
i have read through you help
and i had noticed that you told the mandrake
install to erase the entire disk, if that
is what you told it to do then it would have
erased EVERYTHING on the drive including
all windows stuff..If this is the case you
will have to re-install windows
Are C: and D: to different physical hard drives? ie hda, hdb in linux? That's the impression I got. I'm not sure how this would turn out, but if you place the Win2k hd as master and the linux as slave, then configure windows to give you an option of which one you want to load it might work a little easier. Actually, now that I think about that, it might cause some problems in windows, but its worth a try if you'r not afraid of losing anything.
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