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Full Version: Newbie Playing With Apache2.0.48
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Hiya all,

I've got a little 2.5ghz cel running rh9 and i've just thrown apache2.0.48 up and started it. I've got a static IP which is correctly configured., I also have vsftp loaded up.

My problem (i'm certain you've heard this before):

I can't see my apache server from the outside world. On the server it's self i can go to my ip address, and find it. (localhost doesn't work anymore, stopped working when I changed the DNS server, to the DNS server of my ISP. I have a professional local loop (a T1, split 50/50 w/ a digital telco sys) I'm modertaly certain my ISP is not blocking any port 80s on me. I'm outside of my firewall, so i know my firewall isn't blocking it.

the FTP bit works, I can FTP to my box, I can ssh to my box... but i can't get apache's little temp page from outside.

any suggestions?

-rob blink.gif
Ok... to test if my ISP was blocking port 80 or not, I changed the port to port 8000, and if i bring up a browser in the GUI on the server, and go to it works just fine, but when I go to my other computer, which is on a different network w/ internet access... no go. So, I think there's still a configuration error somewhere.

Is there a RH configuration I should look at?

-rob blink.gif
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