I have just installed a very minimal Debian system on an old PC, with the intention of using it as a development platform for an embedded system.

Part of the embedded system involved a framebuffer-based GUI that I wrote many years ago. When I run this (which works fine on the office's SuSE workstations and RedHat servers), it terminates without doing anything. Doing 'cat /dev/fb0' returns '/dev/fb0: No such device', despite the fact that fb0 does actually show up with 'ls /dev'.

Some of this may be irrelevant, sorry folks, but here's a dump of lsmod if it helps:

Module Size Used by
nls_cp437 3896 1 (autoclean)
pcmcia_core 45824 0
sb 32456 0 (unused)
uart401 5872 0 [sb]
sound 56384 0 [sb uart401]
soundlow 384 0 [sound]
soundcore 2452 6 [sb sound]
nfs 71180 0 (unused)
lockd 42420 0 [nfs]
sunrpc 57816 0 [nfs lockd]
tulip 28984 1
fbcon-vga 1928 0 (unused)
fbcon-cfb32 3448 0 (unused)
fbcon-cfb24 3976 0 (unused)
fbcon-cfb8 3240 0 (unused)
fbcon-cfb16 3848 0 (unused)
af_packet 6152 1
unix 11352 5 (autoclean)

Also, on a side note, how do I find out the vesion of the *running* kernel (which may not be the same as the one for which I have the source).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,