Before I even start with how I think I will do this, anyone know if Win95,98,2000,XP runs well trough a OpenVPN VPN tunel [the tunel will be between the two linux computers, a simple end-to-end VPN ] ?

So now here is the thing I'll do :

1.) mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200
modprobe tun
[Question : this is already a built in function from kernel 2.4 and up right?]
[before the next part...as you know I'm bridging two interfaces at each end, wich means I've got Linux1 with 2 interfaces,
the bridge name for it is xxxxxxx1 , so in the firewall I should use the bridge name instead of the eth0 or eth1 right?]

2.)iptables -A INPUT -i tun+ -j ACCEPT [this should enable incoming connections trough the tunel right?]

openvpn --remote june.kg --dev tun1 --ifconfig --verb 9
question :
openvpn --remote --dev hmmmm.... how should I change this line if my Linux box1 is and my Linux box2 is ?
and finaly where do I need to add this openvpn line?

3.) to make sure that the vpn cannot be cheated, I will need an INPUT drop everything and a FORWARD drop everything rule right?

Can you please help me solve this? how exactly should this look at the end?

Robert B