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Full Version: Help With Installing And Switching Window Manager
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I'm brand new to LINUX.

I'm running Red Hat 9 with Gnome. Its running on a Laptop I've been given from work. I'm not sure of the system stats. All I know is that its a PII. I just installed Red Hat, pretty much a full installation. I have root access to this box.

I'm trying to install and switch to Window Maker for my CDE (if thats the right terminoligy).

This is what I have done so far:

I downloaded and extracted WindowMaker-0.80.2.tar.gz, I ran gunzip and then tar.

Compiling: I ran "./configure --prefix=/home/user/wmaker --enable-gnome"

I ran "make" then I ran "make install"

everything seemed to install without a hitch.

At this point I ran the "desktop switcher" from the Gnome GUI, then I restarted my box.

After I logged in, it came up with an error; basicly saying I had an installation problem or I may be out of disk space. the error sugested I view the "~/.xsession-erors" file. I could not find it. I guess that"~/" is my home directory or in this case /home/user. I looked for some FAQ's and found some that has me looking for my ".dtprofile" in my home directory and my ".xsession" I could not find either one.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I have written some thing in tips and tricks forum related to this...
checkout here..
It is exactly what you are looking for..
I think there is a shorter method also...just go to directory....
# cd /etc/X11/gdm/Session
create a file there for your window manager.....# vi WMAKER
###contents of WMAKER..
exec wmaker
##end of contents....

this will do...i guess....
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