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Full Version: Help! Disaster!
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I was installing Mandrake 9.2 on this computer, and I had some problem midway through and had to restart, so, ctrl+alt+delete not working, I turn the power off. Now the computer is constantly trying to access the cd drive. I can't open it and I can't see it from Windows, but it doesn't boot the installer from it. How can I get the cd drive to open so I can retry the installation?
turn the computer off.... then turn it back on.... hit the button that opens the cd tray as soon as the computer has power... the cd drive will open before any boot systems try to access it... always works for me blink.gif
So wait, when you boot into windows you can't even see your CD drive?

Something is a little amiss here. Did you try finishing the mandrake instillation? Where exactly in the instillation where you? What had you finished so far?

My suggestion would be to try to finish the mandrake instillation.

Also as future reference, ctrl+alt+del is a Windows convention. Linux uses ctrl+x to suspend things, ctrl+c to kill them (some machines/version use alt but most use ctrl), ctrl+alt+backspace to restart the X server (we had to be a little different)
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