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Full Version: Running To Slow
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I used to run a pentium 120 with debian installed with no problems, but my board broke soi got a pent 2 300 mhz i also have a 333mhz pro to, but when i was installing debian everything took ages to install took around 4 hours to install the damn thing compared to around 30mins on the 120. i have never come accross this problem in the whole time i have spent buidling computers.

so if anyone has any ideas please let me no.
Seems to be there could be a few things wrong:

1) On your faster machine, you were installing more packages (longer time)

2) The HDD might be in bad shape, and have trouble copying all that data

3) Perhaps your 120 has more ram than the other machine?

4) CD Rom drive speed is very important... have you compared the speeds of the drives on your machines?
just so you no i am no n00b at pcs, the faster machine has more memory but everything else is the same because as i said the board decieded to break grrr.

I can't think of any reason that a pII 300 install would take longer than a p120 install if all the other hardware is the same.

Unless the BIOS settings on the new board (especially for hard drive DMA settings) are wrong ... or maybe the memory timings are set wrong.

Are there any messages with the command:


What does the command:

hdparm -v /dev/hda

hdparm -i /dev/hda

(also for the cdrom)
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