Hi all, I'm having a problem communicating with my linux box from my windows xp machine. I am currently running linux redhat 9.x with all the current kernel and package updates. I am running samba 3.0.2a (i updated the old samba using rpm -Uvh samba3.0.2a... etc). Now in the networking lab i used the exact same configuration as I am using in my room and had no troubles connecting to teh linux box from xp. However in my room whenever i try to connect, I can see my linux machine in the workgroup but when I double click on it I receieve the error message "No service is operating at the destination network endpoint on the remote system." I can access teh windows machine from the linux box using smbclient just fine. But I can't go the other way. I set up a user in samba using my windows username but still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions where to go from here?