Hello all,

I need some assistance with setting up a linux box (Mandrake 9.1) to act as a server to accept log information from a cisco switch. So far, I'm not having any success, obviously smile.gif

Here's what I've done so far:

1) reconfigured syslogd with the switch '-r -x -m 0' which, supposedly tells it to accept remote connections (-r), disable dns lookup on those connections (-x), and never timestamp the log file (-m 0).

2) Added an entry into /etc/syslogd.conf:

local0.* -/var/log/cisco

3) Enabled logging on the cisco switch to point to this server.

After several minutes of attempting to hack into my switch I'm not getting any log information piped over to the linux box.

In the process of doing some testing, I attempted to telnet to 'localhost 514' on the linux box itself. Port 514 is the port for the syslog daemon. I get connection refused every time. So something else is blocking this but I can't figure out what exactly. And I would assume that until I can at least get this working, I'll never even need to worry about whether I've got the switch set up right.

Some other things I've done:

1) Verified that I'm not running a firewall

2) Enabled ALL:ALL in /etc/hosts.allow

3) Scoured the internet for an xinetd.d configuration entry for the syslog daemon and had no success finding anything.

4) Attempted to write my own xinetd.d config file with no success.

5) Found no entries in /var/log/messages or any of the other log files indicating an attempted connection on port 514 that was subsequently denied, or anything of that sort.

Please help! Thanks in advance!