Hi. I set up SendMail 8-12 on a Fedora Core machine and am able to receive mail but am unable to send mail ! I can send mail if I include the


in my sendmail.mc file. But I dont want to use that ! I want to be the SMTP server. Now if I dnl this line, the mail I send out gets stuck in the mail Q, saying host name lookup failure. Now from reading up on it, I need to do 4 things to get this to work on a server like mine which does not have named running :

1) service.switch must have
hosts dns files
aliases dns files

2) /etc/resolve.conf must have
domain mydomain.com
search mydomain.com
name server my.isp.nameservers.address

3) sendmail.mc must have

4) access file in /etc/mail should have
mydomain.com RELAY

But I still cannot get the mail to send out !!! Please help. Thanks