Hi, I recently bought a php/mysql auction website. Part of the site requires cron to function properly. There is a cron folder within the files that contains 4 files: auctionupdate.c, build.sh, README, and run. The readme file tells me this:

"Auction Update is an Open Source Tool intended into c language to be used under
Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000) to handle the problem of updating auctions checking ending
time and eventually removing them from the auctions database and send emails to
sellers and bidders.
This little tool was mainly developed under Debian 2.2 Linux and using Cygnus compiler
(formely called cygwin) ported under windows as an exutable file. For more info on
Cygnus compiler please refer to: http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/ .
To compile this tool follow this simple step:
build.sh is a bash script to run the compiler.
Now you have two compiled files:
Of course under windows environment you should used the second one.
auctionupdate accept two paramter on command line: hostname and uri. Talking simple
words you can run auctionupdate in this way:
./auctionupdate yourhostname /path/to/cron.php
Under windows environment you can run this tool at determined intervals using
a batch file and windows native scheduler.
I've put a sample batch file called run.bat, of course you have to modify it
to suite your needs."

Ok, my computer uses Windows XP Pro and my website is running on a Unix server. I've been using dreamweaver's ftp to upload everything so far. When I try to open build.sh on my computer, it doesn't know what program to use to open it. The auctionupdate.c opens with Visual Studio. I basically have no clue what to do at this point.