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me and a friend are thinking about switching from Fedora to Mandrake Discovery 9.2 (or latest applicable) because we've heard stuff bout fedora, like its not very stable and has messy coding. Is this advised. Lets say "hypotheticly" that i was gettin both for free, which would i choose? i already have a Fedora/XP comp, i wanna switch the fedora to mandrake
BUT i went through bloody hell gettin into fedora, is it going to be as hard with discovery 9.2? If i do get Discovery 9.2, will i be able to customize it as much as i want, as much as other very customizable ones? Is the gui easy to use and everything? plz help

I've only installed Mandrake 9.1 once, but I think it's no problem installing it at all, and has almost the same gui, there is GNOME and KDE ...etc.

I've heard it somewhere that Mandrake is the easiest linux for newbies.

Robert B
Fedora is fairly cutting edge ... and several of the people I know who use it have had problems.

It really isn't messy coding...most of the code isn't written by's just used from other GPL projects. (The exception being the kernel, which has many redhat/fedora patches, like an NPTL threading backport from the 2.6 kernel into the 2.4 kernel)

They used newer stuff than most of the other distros, so there were more problems.

I was using Fedora Core 1 as my primary workstation and I switched to something else, because I was having problems.

I still have Fedora Core 1 on my multiboot test machine ... and it has been more stable lately than it was If you are doing all the updates, it should be getting more stable.

Mandrake also works well ... but to be honest, I don't know that it is really more stable. The ProSuite 9.2 disks do contain more drivers than the download edition (for video cards and NFORCE motherboards, etc.), so the installs are smoother.
I switched my personal primary workstation to WhiteBox Enterprise Linux ... which is a recompile of all the RHEL 3 AS/ES/WS source code. That has been very stable for me ... but it doesn't contain the latest and greatest software (I have gnome 2.2.2, kde 3.1.3, openoffice 1.02, gcc 3.2.3, glibc-2.3.2-95.6, Mozilla 1.4, etc.).

(for comparison, fedora core 1 and the latest upgrades):
gnome 2.4.1
kde 3.1.4
openoffice 1.1.0
gcc 3.3.2
glibc 2.3.2-101.4
mozilla 1.6

I switched my MythTV box to debian SID, which is more cutting edge than Fedora Core 1...but I usually have less problems with it now than I did on Fedora ... but as I said before, fedora is more stable now than it was when it was released.
aiight, so i shud switch to drake or not? hughesjr u no all bout my comp, and my experience, what do u think?
Maestro G
hi, im the friend who is also considering the switch.

im just lookin for the best distro to switch to. i guess it is highly based on opinion. It seems to me that Fedora is somewhat "incomplete" for a newb.

A friend of had a lot of good things to say about mandrake 9.2, and he's very happy with it. An important part for me is being able to emulate windows. unfortunately all the good progs are made for windows. The stability is all good with me, I mean compared to windows, Fedora is solid as a rock. Also my friend said Mandrake has an awesome "auto-rpm" system. so any recomendation for a distro would be appreciated.

basically it looks to me like its gonna be a choice between Redhat and Mandrake and im a newb so i really could use a recomendation

Mandrake uses urpmi ... you can install [url=]apt[/b] for fedora.... they are very similar.

Mandrake 10 will probably be released before Fedora Core 2 if that makes any difference.

I would not run windows progams on Linux .... if you need windows programs, run Windows (either dual boot or don't install linux). Windows XP runs windows programs much better and more consistantly than any version of linux with wine,winex, win4lin or crossover office. (and if you run those windows enabling technologies, you enable your system to get the viruses and worms, so you need a windows type virus program to run in the windows environment...).

If you are willing to use linux programs to do the same things as their windows counter parts (ie, evolution for e-mail, OpenOffice for documents, etc.) then linux can be a good alternative.
Just to toss my two cents into the jar, i'll make my opinion known.

Ever since Redhat 6.2, I haven't been much of a fan of the Redhat/Fedora line of distributions. I've tried each version that has come out, but found it not be very easy or suitable for new users anymore.

I've recently read an article on Mandrake Discovery Ed. 9.2 that compared it head-to-head with Windows XP for installation. Aparentle, according to the article, Mandrake Disc. Ed. 9.2 is easier and quicker to install the Windows XP !!

My experiences with Mandrake 9.2 have been pretty good. it's a nice, user-friendly distribution that you should find easier to use then Fedora. Drakconf (their configuration program) is really nice and makes installing programs pretty easy. You can also go with hughsjr's suggestion on installing apt-rpm, but i wouldn't do that until you are comfortable first, if you haven't used apt-get before, then you'll have to learn something else new.

By the sounds of it, you're looking for something basic and friendly that relys on Graphical User Interfaces to get your work down, so, if that's the case Mandrake 9.2 is definitly the Distro of choice I would suggest. The only one I would suggest over that would be SuSE, but that costs money.
Maestro G
Thanks for the info. The thing is hughesjr, I don't mind using the Linux counterparts for windows programs at all. I've been seeing more and more of them everyday. Actually, now the only thing i need windows for, is Flash MX 2004. But I am definately keeping Linux
I wasn't suggesting that Linux isn't a good system to use ... just that it isn't windows, and it doesn't run windows programs as good as windows xp.

I love linux and I use it to do 75-80% of my computing needs ... but I don't want people to think that it does windows stuff better than windows..... smile.gif

Mandrake is more user friendly than RedHat, but RedHat is the distro of choice in the business world (at least in the USA). So if you want to learn Linux for business related reasons, RedHat is probably the best choice.

RedHat has become more user friendly than it was (ie, more GUI setup and admin tools) ... Mandrake is a fork of RedHat (sometime back) to make it more user friendly.

If you only want a system to use then mandrake may be best.
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