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Full Version: Display Screwed Up
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I installed Redhat 9 and after it detected my video card I had to select a monitor and they didn't list my model so I chose a model close to it but now the gui is all fuzzy when I boot up and I am unable to get into gnome to change it due to not being able to see anything. Is there anyway to change it without reinstalling linux?
1.reboot linux
2.when the linux bootup start [that 10sec wait time] enter : linux INIT3
[this will start linux in LEVEL3 , meening without X].

3.use something like mc, to edit /etc/X11/FX86Config
[note you change you're monitor in the config file, be carefull when setting freqvencies, and resolutions...[it's at the neer end of the file (the monitor settings)]

4.Once done, save it, reboot , and hope that you've set it correctly this time

Robert B

I've found that where RedHat 8 would detect and use most video cards, RedHat 9 Failed...

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro SP6100
512Mb Ram
Nvidia video card (Nvidia2go)
Intel NIC
Tosh Wireless
etc etc etc

RedHat 8 loved it, worked no problem.. Redhat 9, bah no.. Didn't like the display. Used Nvidias Linux drivers, failed.. Tried rebuilding X manually.. Failed...
I gave up...

Try something like SuSE 9 or Xandros 2.. I found both to pretty much support most drivers and work without a problem.. There is one issue with using Xandros on a Laptop with NVidia graphics.. And its a case of adding an option to /etc/X11/Xf86config-4

Hope my words of uselessness turn into wisdom smile.gif

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