I just recompiled my kernel and got almost all my software successfully working (except for SSH as you may see by my other post). I just compiled and installed MySQL 3.23.53. The documentation then said that you must run the test suite and if all is right, all test should pass. NOT ON MY MACHINE! So my question is what do i need to do to fix this. The specific test that fails is the rpl000015. When I do "./mysql_test_run --force", it locks up after failing that test (or just takes forever...im not sure, but i waited a long time). When i re-run the same command with force enabled after killing the crashed one (i left the mysqld open on accident after killing the test run) all the rpl****** tests error (I'm guessing because of mysqld being left open or something) and the other tests all pass. Now any insight into fixing this rpl000015 failure issue would really help me out...I'm stuck. I sent a PR to MySQL like the test_run told me to, but id like to get a few sources of input. Id REALLY appreciate any help. And let me know if more information is required to solve this issue. I'll happily provide it!