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Hello all,
My name is Ken and I live in Sarasota.
I was hoping you could help me with my installation of Fedora. I will
describe what I did and maybe you could reply. I am new to Linux.

I formatted a second hard drive (HDB) and installed Fedora Linux on it. I chose
to use the GRUB selector. When I boot my computer, it starts booting to my
(HDA) Windows ME drive but the boot halts before windows loads and I get the
GRUB text on the bottom of the screen..nothing I can do at this point. However,
when I boot to the Fedora floppy, I can start Linux and it loads and operates.
I do have a display problem with it. Looks like the same screen loads 2 or 3
times and I have multiple headers and some garbage along with it. All the menus

Is there something I can do to enable a boot selection menu? and how can I fix
the display problem?

I would appreciate any suggestions!

First for the bootup problem ...

Boot to fedora, login as root, and open a terminal window (Menu - System Tools - Terminal).

go to the directory /boot/grub with this command:

cd /boot/grub

edit the file named menu.lst with this command:

gedit menu.lst

Make sure there is an entry like this in the file:
title Windows
       rootnoverify (hd0,0)
       chainloader +1

If not, add it at the bottom ....

save the file and exit ...

Next we need to have grub repair itself ...

Make sure you are still in /boot/grub with the pwd command (which means print working directory):


It should say:


If not, issue the command:

cd /boot/grub

Now we need to enter the grub prompt .... by issuing the command:


You should now be at the grub prompt ... it looks like this:


First we want to define the boot drive for linux ... which is probably hdb1, with this command:

root (hd1,0)

then you want to update the MBR with this command:

setup (hd0)


type the command:


use the command


to restart the PC ... should boot to both windows and linux....
For the graphics problem ... is it when you start the PC while the screen is in Console mode .. but then it works in GUI mode?
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