I just managed to get my Kernel recompiled after having issues...(i think the problems were due to heat and ram timing issues). Removed the old SSH from the system to install the newer OpenSSH 3.5r1. Compiled it with the default ./configure and everything went fine...except when i try to start the server. The install did not automatically create the sshd user and group. So I looked all over the web and I guess I needed to make them myself...so I did. I created them with the options that everyone says to use, and that got rid of my "Privilege separation user sshd does not exist" error that I was getting before. So sshd runs now, but I can't log into it! I type in the password and get "Permission Denied" errors. I tried it both from remote and localhost, with no difference. One place site mentioned the same problem and said that a solution could be setting /dev/tty permissions to writable for all, but that already is set. I couldnt find any other suggestions really and i got mad and gave up. If someone could PLEASE help that would be SPECTACULAR!

PS...if anyone needs more info to help solve this, let me know and ill happily get it up here!